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Watch your money grow when you save with stellas and earn up to 15% APY when you store your money in a Stellas Vault. Manage your expenses with our budgeting tool which keeps on track so you don't wreck yourself. With us there are no fine prints to worry about. You and your money are in good company.

Fully licensed by the CBN


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Stellas Savings Account


Get up to 15% annual interest on your savings.

Choose how you want to save. How does saving every time you spend from your account sound?

Enjoy full control of your Stellas savings from your dashboard.

Meet your savings goal every time

Enjoy competitive interest rates on Stellas while you save effortlessly. Choose how you want to save, at intervals or by a percentage off any transaction you make from your account.

Unlock the power of digital banking

Tired of banking as usual? Switch to the simpler side of things! Download the Stellas app today!

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